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14U East National Team Championships Final Results

The 14U East National Team Championships wrapped up this Sunday afternoon at Roger Dean Stadium. The Miami Suns were our Gold Medal winners finishing up their undefeated tournament run with a record of 8-0.

Gold Medal Winner: The Miami Suns

Miami Suns

Silver Medal Winner: CFBL Mizuno Elite

Bronze Medal Winner: The East Coast Prospects

East Coast Prospects

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14U National Team Championships Elite 8 Recap

The 14U East Elite 8 playoffs took place this afternoon at Roger Dean with some more great baseball action. The East Coast Prospects exploded this afternoon with a 12-2 victory over Team Citius, locking up a spot in the tournament semi-finals. The East Coast Prospects had 16 hits in the game, and pitcher Dylan Reynolds went all 5 innings giving up only 3 hits and logging 2 k’s. In the Miami Suns win over PAL, Navarro pitched 5 innings, allowing only 2 hits and no runs. The following 4 teams will be moving on to the semi-final playoffs Sunday morning at Roger Dean:

1) CFBL Mizuno Elite

2) Miami Suns

3) Team MVP 13U

4) East Coast Prospects

Playoff Pic

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14U National Championships Sweet 16 Recap

The Sweet 16 playoffs kicked off this morning at Roger Dean with some great action. The biggest upset of the morning came for No.14 seed Team Citius with a 7-6 victory over the No. 3 seeded Hitting Academy Monarchs. Another big victory went ECTB Stars’ way with a 7-3 defeat over the Florida Pokers, and Palm Beach County PAL countinued their rally with a 7-0 win over No. 7 seed Fort Bend Texans. The following 8 teams will be moving on to the Elite 8 playoffs this afternoon:

1) CFBL Mizuno Elite

2) Miami Suns

3) Team MVP 13U

4) East Coast Prospects

5) So Cal NTT

6) Palm Beach County PAL 14U

7) ECTB Stars

8) Team Citius

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14U National Team Championships Day 3 Recap

CFBL Mizuno Elite remained undefeated and claimed the top playoff seed in the 14U National Team Championships East when it took down Red Seams Athletics, 4-2, Friday afternoon. The Miami Suns had an impressive victory today allowing them to clinch the second playoff seed, with the Hitting Academy Monarchs as the third playoff seed, and Team MVP 13U as the fourth playoff seed. The Hitting Academy Monarchs exploded with a 14-0 victory over the All American Prospects in order to clinch that third seed. The first round of playoff games will begin Saturday morning at Roger Dean. Below are a few highlights from today’s action and playoff seedings:

  • Capocci of the Georgia Select went 3-for-3 with a single, double, and triple, scoring 4 runs and grabbing 1 RBI in the Select’s 23-7 victory over Team MVP 14U.
  • As a team, the East Coast Prospects booked 16 hits on the day in their 16-6 defeat over the A-Team. Reynolds went 3-for-4 in the game, almost hitting for the cycle, scoring 3 runs and 2 RBI’s.
  • In Palm Beach County PAL’s big 11-0 victory and tournament comeback today, Cook went four innings on the mound giving up no runs, only 3 hits and 1 BB. Hewitt closed out the game giving up no runs as well and logging a strikeout. PAL’s lineup had a combined 12 hits on the day.

Playoff Seeds:

1)      CFBL Mizuno Elite

2)      Miami Suns

3)      The Hitting Academy Monarchs

4)      Team MVP 13U

5)      Florida Pokers

6)      East Coast Prospects

7)      Fort Bend Texans

8)      Red Seams Athletics

9)      So Cal NTT

10)   Palm Beach County PAL 14U

11)   Georgia Select

12)   ECTB Stars

13)   All American Prospects East 14U

14)   Team Citius

15)   A-Team

16)   Palm Beach Rebels

17)   Team Carolina

18)   Cal Lumberjacks

19)   MVP 14U

20)   La Ley Legends

21)   Miami Pro Instruction

22)   Miami Snappers

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14U National Team Championships Day 2 Recap

The 14U National Team Championships East continued Thursday and saw CFBL Mizuno Elite claim the number one seed heading into Friday. CFBL finished 3-0 after beating Palm Beach County PAL 4-0 and beating Team Citius 10-6, allowing only 6 runs in its first three games of the tournament. The Fort Bend Texans grabbed the number two seed, and the Miami Suns are the number three seed after posting a .375 team batting average in the team’s first three games. Below are a few highlights from the second day of play:

  • In a 10-0 defeat over the Lumberjacks, Adam Geiger of the Monarchs pitched a complete game 2-hitter racking up 3 strikeouts in the game.
  • In a 12-2 victory over Miami Pro Instruction, So Cal NTT’s lineup had 14 hits on the game. Cappello went 3-for-3 with 2 RBI’s and 1 run scored. Vong went 2-for-3 with 2 RBI’s and 3 runs scored.
  • Brandon De Haas went 4-for-4, almost hitting for the cycle, in ECTB Stars 11-5 defeat over the La Ley Legends.

Seeded play begins at 8 a.m. Friday morning at Roger Dean and Santaluces Park.

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14U National Team Championships Day 1 Recap

Tournament play for the 14U National Team Championships began Wednesday morning with games at the Rodger Dean Stadium Complex and Santaluces Park. Despite the possibility of some inclement weather throughout the day, all 14U teams were fortunate to have a full day of baseball on schedule. Red Seams Athletics and Team MVP 13U had a powerful start to the tournament with both teams racking up 2 wins on the day. The Red Seams pitching staff threw a combined 1-hitter with a 12-2 victory over Miami Pro Instruction. After rebounding from a 10-0 loss early in the day, So Cal NTT found some offensive power with 15 hits in a 12-0 victory over the Palm Beach Rebels. Below are a few individual highlights from Wednesday’s 14U games:

  • Cody Underkoffler went 3-for-4 with 3 RBI’s, a double, scoring 2 runs in the So Cal NTT 12-0 victory over the Palm Beach Rebels. In that same game, Alex Thomason also went 3-for-4 with 1 RBI and 3 singles.
  • In the Red Seams Athletics 12-2 victory over Miami Pro Instruction, Jeremy Whitehead went 4-for-4 scoring 2 runs with 1 RBI, and Keagan Nimblett went 3-for-3 scoring 2 runs.
  •  In a 3-0 victory over La Ley Legends, the CFBL Mizuno Elite pitching staff pitched a combined shut out with Cody Vandehey going 6 innings allowing only 3 hits while posting 5 strikeouts. Bryce Nicolay closed out the 7th inning giving up no hits and logging 1 strike out.
  • In a 4-1 victory over Team Carolina, pitchers Oakley Albinson and Jett Walsh pitched a combined 1-hitter with Albinson racking up 6 strikeouts in 4 innings of work and Walsh going 3 innings with 3 K’s.

Day 1

The 14U National Team Championships East continues Thursday morning at 8 a.m.

Updated results and remaining schedule

14U East Testing Day

The 2013 14U National Team Championships East kicked off Tuesday morning with Testing Day. Players from the 22 teams ran 60-yard sprints and took a round of infield/outfield in front of the 14U National Team coaching staff during a beautiful day of South Florida weather. The first games of pool play begin Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. at the Roger Dean Stadium Complex and Santaluces Park. Below are pictures from Testing Day and the top 60-yard sprint times for all players who were able to participate.

14U Testing Day

Top 10 60-yard dash times:

1. Preston Hartsell, Cal Lumberjacks – 6.7

2. Jake Whitcomb, East Coast Prospects – 6.7

3. Jacob Ruby, ECTB Stars – 6.8

4. Jarrett Hall, Florida Pokers – 6.8

5. Tristan Capocci, Georgia Select – 6.8

6. Gabriel Rivera, Miami Snappers – 6.8

7. Andrew Lee, Palm Beach County PAL 14U – 6.8

8. Jeremy Whitehead, Red Seams Athletics – 6.8

9. Kai Nelson, Team Citius – 6.8

10. Juri Sabb, CFBL Mizuno Elite – 6.9

Congratulations to Players Named to NTDP Roster

Congratulations to the players that earned a spot on the 14U National Team Development Program roster from playing in the 14U East and West Championships.

Justin Ammons

Matt Cassin

Morgan Copeland

Gian-Luca  Dalatri

Eli Davis

Dominic Foscalina

Nick Gallardo

Josh Garcia

Garrett Hodges

Dailin Lee

Johnny Mendoza

Cameron Michael

Brandon Moore

Kyle Mora

Kenneth Moreno

Brandon Martorano

Manny Perez

Ben Ramirez

Charles Robinson

Christopher  Rodriguez

Blake Sabol

Jarron Silva

Russell Smith

Dillon Spacke

Samad Taylor

Andrew Vaughn

Evoshield Canes Win 2012 14U East Championships

Congratulations to the Evoshield Canes for winning the 2012 14U East Championships! 

Here are the final 14U East standings.

14U East Final Standings